Thieves Make Off With Specialist Equipment



Thieves make off with specialist equipment
16th May 2018

By Sandra Pearce
An aquatics retailer has spoken of his devastation when he discovered thieves had stolen around £6,000 worth of specialist products. 
Mike Liggins, 61, has run Creation Aquatics in Wickford, Essex, for 31 years and went to open the shop as usual on April 10 when he realised it had been targeted by thieves.
He told the Echo: “I went to open up at 8am and noticed they had forced the back door open. The shop was a mess. I wouldn’t say it was ransacked but it was pretty bad.
“They have taken all the expensive equipment. The flow pumps are gone. They’ve taken the power filters and the LED lights.
“All in all, the equipment they’ve taken is worth about £6,000. I’m covered by insurance but the premium is just too dear – it’s not worth it.
“I was absolutely devastated when I saw the state of the shop. They had pulled out all the glass cases to get to the stock.”
He added: “I’m glad that they didn’t take any of the fish or my stingrays. They also left behind my giant fibreglass Nemo and dinosaur.
“It must have been too big for them to take.
“You can see them on the CCTV footage putting all the equipment into a fibreglass pond they found outside and hauled it to a van. Ideally it would be great to get my stock back. My business will survive but it’s a big hit to take.” 
Anyone with information about the incident should contact Essex Police on 101.