They Re After Your Blood And Your Pet S



They’re after your blood…and your pet’s
13th June 2018

By Karen Pickwick
The Royal Veterinary College – home to the largest and busiest animal hospital blood donor programme in Europe – is encouraging animal donors and their owners to come forward tomorrow (Thursday, June 14) to celebrate World Blood Donor Day.
Year on year, the RVC facilitates crucial transfusions, which help keep thousands of critically ill animals alive. But it can meet these high demands only with the help of its donors, who are being celebrated tomorrow.
The RVC launched its Blood Transfusion Service at its referral hospital – the Queen Mother Hospital for Animals – in 2005, to address the demand for blood needed for veterinary operations. The QMHA offers a wide range of complex treatments, such as open-heart surgery, spinal surgery, and cancer treatment.
This programme is funded through the Animal Care Trust, the RVC’s registered charity. Funding has provided cutting edge equipment to make this service possible and has supported the development of transfusion medicine.
Professor Dan Chan, professor of emergency and critical care medicine at the Ropyal Veterinary College, said: “The RVC’s Blood Donor Programme is a very valuable part of what we do at the QMHA. Blood donations have helped us to save hundreds of animals’ lives, and this number is increasing year on year. 
“We are always looking for new donors, so if you think your dog or cat might be suitable, please check our criteria online at Blood Donor Programme.”