News The Rise Of The Silver Surfers



The rise of the silver surfers
25th May 2020

By Karen Pickwick

The coronavirus has forced many older shoppers to buy online regularly for the first time.

And, as lockdown loosens, courier comparison site ParcelHero says internet retailers must do their best to retain baby boomers’ custom and permanent changes should be made to sites chasing the grey pound.

The UK e-commerce expert says over-65s spent 94% more on home deliveries this April than they did last year.

ParcelHero’s head of consumer rResearch, David Jinks, says that many of the baby boomers generation (born 1946-1960) have now retired but retain considerable spending power, and e-tailers need to learn the lessons of lockdown to retain their custom.

“There’s a wealth of data building up showing just how dramatic the growth of online shopping has been among senior citizens, as the lockdown took effect,” David said. “ A startling 54% of over-65s shopped online this April, according to the Office of National Statistics as opposed to just 22% a decade ago, and that number is still rising rapidly as older shoppers get to grips with the technology and discover the convenience of shopping from home.”

ParcelHero’s research reveals strategies that can be adopted to encourage loyalty from older shoppers, including focussed offers, user-friendly apps and simpler, cleaner web design.