The Rat In A Cat


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The rat in a cat!
1st March 2018

By Lloyd Lugsden

A cat almost died after swallowing a rat whole.

RSPCA vets saved the feline after the undigested rodent blocked her intestine. The cat weighed 3.6kg while the rat weighed about 300g – about 8% of her body weight.

The nine-year-old cat, named Rosie, showed up at a house in the village of Strensall, near York. She seemed lost and had a hard, swollen stomach that concerned the householder, according to the RSPCA. At first it was thought she was a stray but checks revealed she was a microchipped family pet.

Animal collection officer Leanne Honess-Heather explained to the cat’s owners that although their pet looked bright and happy, her extended stomach was strange. She said she wanted a vet to examine her.

Vet Ian Faux checked the pet’s stomach and found a solid hump, which was causing distress to the cat. The seven-inch rat was successfully removed whole during the operation.