The Fast And The Furriest


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The fast and the furriest
6th August 2017

By Lloyd Lugsden

A litter of kittens made a surprise appearance at a festival of speed.

The six-week-old kittens were discovered after the event at Goodwood, Chichester, when workmen began dismantling a large mobile motor display.

Clare Palmer, branch manager at RSPCA Sussex, Chichester & District branch, was at the event all weekend with a number of volunteers manning a stand nearby.

She said: “What’s ironic is we’d been at the four-day event running a stall and raising awareness of the work we do at our centre nearby.
“We could have easily sprung into action if there had been any animal welfare issues during the course of the event. But we didn’t get a call about these kittens until we’d left the site.”

Clare returned to the site to collect the three tiny black kittens and set a cat-trap for the fourth kitten that staff hadn’t managed to catch.
“Unfortunately we weren’t able to locate mum and suspect all the commotion and crowds frightened her away,” she explained.
“She probably moved them under the structure when all the preparation for the festival was going on in the hopes of keeping them safe. But with 200,000 people walking over the top of them, it’s unsurprising she was spooked and ran away.”

The semi-feral kittens are now at the Mount Noddy Animal Centre awaiting new homes and have been aptly named Bentley, Lotus, Ferrari and Subaru.