The Art Of The Goldfish



The art of the goldfish
17th August 2017

By Sandra Pearce

Live goldfish in tanks are the highlight of an Art Aquarium exhibition in Japan.

Artist Hidetomo Kimura’s annual Art Aquarium exhibition in Tokyo houses thousands of goldfish in 130 glass tanks, lit with colored light. Some are shaped like Japanese lanterns while others are adorned with lace trim. Some feature concave and convex lens to magnify or distort the view of the tanks.

Hidetomo wrote on the exhibition’s website: “Since I started my job from collecting marine fish from all over the world, I have been attracted to the colourful beautiful fish which naturally grace the sea.”

This year’s exhibition, which opened on July 7, contains 5,000 goldfish and 3,000 fish of other species, reports the Reuters news agency.