That S A Lotta Axolotl



Thatís a lotta axolotl
31st January 2018

By Sandra Pearce

Staff at the Great Yarmouth Sea Life Centre are celebrating the arrival of an endangered baby axolotl salamander. 

Shane Breadmore said: “It was a shock when we found eggs in the axolotl tank. In their normal habitat they are currently under severe threat; we have five axolotls and although breeding in captivity is important, we encourage breeding naturally.  

“We were delighted to find the unexpected eggs and got them into our animal care area as quickly as we could to give them the best chance of hatching. We were over the moon when a live axolotl baby, which we’ve christened Juan, popped out two weeks later.” 

Juan was just half a centimetre when born and was fed protein-rich shrimp and bloodworm until he reached 10cm before being re-introduced to his family in the axolotl tank.

Shane added: “As an aquarist I love all aquatic creatures and know I shouldn’t have favourites, but seeing Juan as a tiny baby really was one of the cutest things I have ever seen – axolotls are adorable anyway with their big eyes, and they constantly look like they’re smiling, so seeing a baby one was just incredible.”