Tetra Brings Out Micro Food Range



Tetra brings out Micro food range
22nd May 2018

By Sandra Pearce
Tetra has launched a new Micro food range, designed specifically to suit smaller species of ornamental fish with small mouths, including young and adolescent fish.
The range comprise Micro Crisps, Micro Sticks and Micro Granules.
Tetra Micro Crisps are floating and slow-sinking staple food for fish that favour the upper and middle water regions, with the crisps in 1.7-2.5mm sizes.
Tetra Micro Sticks and floating and slow-sinking staple food for fish that favour the upper and middle water regions, in 0.75-0.9mm sizes.
Tetra Micro Granules is a slow-sinking staple food for fish that prefer the middle and lower water regions, and come in sizes ranging from 0.3-1mm.
The company says current trends are for smaller aquariums with smaller types of fish such as neons, guppies and zebrafish. 
A spokesman said: “Tetra’s new launch responds to the trends by providing small fish and growing fish such as cichlids and marine fish with tailored levels of vitamins, minerals and high-quality proteins and fats in a nutritious bite-size formula.
“With finely ground ingredients such as carotenoids for vibrant colours and plant ingredients for promoting good health and vitality, the range comes in a variety of forms including granules, sticks and crisps. 
“With different floating and sinking properties fish can also be fed at their own water level. What’s more, thanks to being easily digestible, Tetra’s Micro food also helps to reduce water pollution.”
Ashleigh Foster, aquatics marketing manager, added: “At Tetra, fish well-being is at the forefront of everything we do and so we’re very excited about our new launch, which is specifically suited to smaller fish, allowing them to receive the nutrition they need to live a healthy life. It’s because of our passion to make fishkeeping as easy and enjoyable as ever why we’re continually reviewing trends alongside our product range to ensure we’re providing solutions to suit our consumer’s needs.”
Tetra’s Micro food comes in 100ml tins with a feeding spoon for precise dosing and is available with an RRP of £5.50.