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Telling tails
10th September 2019

By Robert Ellis
Four baby squirrels have been rescued after becoming stuck to each other.
A member of the public found the four animals in woods in Wynyard, County Durham; their tails had become entangled and he immediately called the RSPCA for help.
Inspector Clare Wilson took them to a local vet clinic so as to not get injured by their sharp teeth, reported the Metro.
“The vet nurses put towels over the squirrels so they felt safer,” Clare said. “They seemed to realise we were trying to help them as they stayed quiet while the vet worked to untangle them. 
“It turned out once the twigs and leaves were removed that the four tails were all literally plaited together!
“I think they must have become entangled in the nest and, maybe in their haste to get free, jumped over each other effectively plaiting the tails so they were completely stuck. 
“I am so glad they were found in this remote area of woodland and that we could step in to help.”