News Tackling Blanketweed On All Fronts



Tackling blanketweed on all fronts
26th November 2019

By Sandra Pearce

Cloverleaf, home to the top-selling natural blanketweed remover Blanket Answer, launched a number of new products at AQUA 2019.

To complement its existing portfolio of Blanket Answer and Sludge Answer (a follow-up to Blanket Answer that deals with accumulated sludge), Cloverleaf revealed Pre-vent Blanketweed.

Cloverleaf owner John Roberts said: “When customers have cleared blanketweed using Blanket Answer, they then use Sludge Answer to clear the muck that follows. But now they can used Pre-vent to help keep it away.”

A fourth product, Cloverleaf Absolute Pearls, contain millions of microscopic nitrifying bacteria to tackle nitrite and ammonia. “You now have four products you can sell to one person,” he said.