Surfs Up Sowabunga


Weird and Wonderful

Surfs up Sowabunga!
8th May 2018

By Lloyd Lugsden

An unusual surfer took to the water in California.

Pickles – a half pot belly and half juliana mini-pig – was taken out by his owner, Maddie, for a surf in the ocean. Maddie said Pickles had beginners’ luck but the 30lb pig had room for improvement, according to the Metro.

“Pickles loves to sunbathe and go paddle-boarding, so we taught him how to surf ,” said Maddie, from San Francisco. “We tried to see if he could ride the wave the whole way and he didn’t seem to mind.
“Pickles loves the water and he loves running into the ocean and swimming. He will even catapult into the morning shower with me.

“Now he has been surfing quite a few times and doesn’t seem to be scared at all – he has developed a knack for it. He is pretty good.”

His low centre of gravity is thought to be the secret of his success.