Supreme Gives Hamster Food A Make Over



Supreme gives hamster food a make-over
7th March 2018

By Karen Pickwick
Science Selective Hamster is launching an updated recipe and new-look packaging and there is also a new pack format for Supreme’s Bathing Sand, which will now be sold under the Tiny Friends Farm range.
The hamster food kibble size has been reduced and the shape changed, making it easier for tiny paws to grip, and it is especially suitable for dwarf breeds – and is now an extruded, rather than baked product, giving it a crunchy texture. Manufacturer Supreme Pet Foods says the change brings Selective Hamster in line with the other products in the range, making it more consistent and easier for shoppers to understand. 
Also new is Tiny Friends Farm Bathing Sand, which references Charlie Chinchilla, Harry Hamster and Gerri Gerbil – all species that enjoy using sand as part of their daily routine. The new pack is a cardboard tube and once the bathing sand is in use the tube can be re-used as a tunnel toy, or stuffed with hay. It can also be re-sealed to keep the remaining sand fresh and free of moisture.
Claire Hamblion, Supreme marketing manager, says bringing sand under Tiny Friends Farm branding gives retailers an opportunity to cross-sell within the range and block products in the category so shoppers can make their selection quickly, giving them time to browse the rest of the store. 
“Not every owner realises the pleasure their hamster, chinchilla or gerbil can have from bathing in sand. It’s an enjoyable way for them to keep their coats clean and to indulge in a very natural behaviour, which makes it really important from a welfare point of view. By putting sand under the Tiny Friends Farm brand and featuring recognisable characters on the packaging we hope that more pet owners will enjoy watching their pets clean up and see the benefits.”