Supplements Team Meets Hero Police Dog



Supplements team meets hero police dog
7th June 2018

By Karen Pickwick
Premium natural supplements company Lintbells has enjoyed a visit from ‘Fabulous Finn’, the retired police dog famous for saving the life of his handler, PC Dave Wardell, and being stabbed in the process.
Finn’s injuries were so severe he wasn’t expected to survive but he surprised everyone by pulling through and his exploits became the subject of a best-selling book, ‘Fabulous Finn: The Brave Police Dog Who Came Back from the Brink’. The visit was to say thank you to the Lintbells team, which is sponsoring Finn’s YuMoveAdvance 360. 
Finn is currently busy supporting his owner to bring about a change in the law. Finn’s Law will see police and service dogs like him protected by the law and those who attack them penalised accordingly. Despite the fact that Finn was stabbed with a 10-inch blade in his chest into his lung and also through the top of his head, his assailant was only charged with ‘criminal damage’ for inflicting his injuries. This is because the law only considers animals as ‘property’. 
Sue Lewis, commercial lead at Hertfordshire-based Lintbells, said that everyone was thrilled to have had the chance to meet Finn and very proud to be supporting his health by sponsoring his joint supplement.
“He’s a lovely dog and obviously highly trained,” she said. “He held on to Dave’s attacker until help arrived despite his serious injuries. It’s hard to believe that the gentle dog we met did that and we are all a little bit in awe of his bravery. It really was a privilege to meet him and we can confirm that he is indeed well and truly fabulous.”