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SuperNature boosts Petlife
8th July 2019

By Robert Ellis

Petlife International has acquired SuperNature’s range of Super Shakers, intended to add a ‘superfood boost’.

The products are shaken on to any food, or mixed with water to form gravy, and consist of natural ingredients; four containing air-dried chicken and another as a meat-free option. Super Raw also consists flaxseed.

Each Super Shaker blend targets a specific issue. The five blends are:
- Super Immune – to support the immune system
- Super Raw – to  add a meat-free boost to raw (or any) food
- Super Lawn – to reduce the effect of urine on lawns, even for raw-fed dogs
- Super Skin & Coat – to improve and maintais skin and coat condition
- Super Teeth & Gums – to help fight plaque and maintain healthy teeth and gums

Super Immune and Super Skin can also be added to cat food.