Suet To Go Brings Out Suet Balls In Bulk Pack



Suet To Go brings out suet balls in bulk pack
6th August 2018

By Karen Pickwick

Suet To Go has added a new product to its sunflower range – a 150 bulk box of Sunflower Suet Balls.

“We released the first in this new range back in January – a six-pack of the same Sunflower Suet Balls,” a spokesman for Unipet said. “This new recipe contains protein-rich kibbled sunflower hearts, which are an ingredient that birds are known to love in a recipe that is beneficial for birds of all sizes.

“In late 2017, we tested our Sunflower Suet Balls against our competitors, as well as against our insect flavoured balls. We found that our sunflower balls went considerably faster than the rest. Birds were drawn to their yellow colour and all-natural ingredients, and couldn’t stop coming back for more. This vivid colour stands out in comparison to other bird food sources, and is an attractive addition to the garden.

“The choice to create a larger pack was obvious – shortly after release of the six-pack product, consumers, retailers and traders alike began to request a bulk item with this recipe.

“This is due to the convenience of purchasing a larger pack, which keeps bird feeders topped up for longer and provides consumers with a tax-free product that is excellent value for money.”

Sure To Go says it has seen a surge in popularity for bulk items and is confident this 150 pack of Sunflower Suet Balls will become a favourite.