Sub Terrier Anean


Weird and Wonderful

8th July 2017

By Karen Pickwick

A dog disappeared down a drainpipe for 19 hours before being found.

The 10-year-old Patterdale terrier’s owner, Lauren Flintoft, contacted the RSPCA and the fire and rescue service after Ziggy disappeared underground at the farm owned by her in-laws in Ripon, North Yorkshire.
The dog had been out on a walk when it disappeared down the drainpipe and failed to re-surface.

Lauren said: “This is the third time he’s been down a hole chasing something or following a scent. I was worried he might have been stuck. My husband, Tim, spent the whole night trying to entice him out and when he didn’t emerge, I called for help.”

RSPCA officer Faebian Vann attended the following morning to help and the group managed to trace the underground pipes and used a digger to get to Ziggy.

They then dug away clay and soil so he could clamber out of the hole.
Faebian said: “Thankfully the dog wasn’t injured, though he had got himself a little trapped in clay.”