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Stuntman takes a busman’s holiday
24th October 2018

By Robert Ellis

A stuntman’s experience came in handy when he had to rescue a parakeet that was stranded on a rooftop.

Wayne de Strete said his daughter was coming home when she heard the sound of the bird in Mile Oak, Brighton. According to the Argus, she knew it wasn’t native and worried that other birds might try to attack it because of its vivid colours.

Wayne went to the address and spoke with a resident, who let him use a ladder to reach the stranded parakeet.

 “I went up the ladder with a net and a blanket, which was a bit precarious,” he said. “I could see she wasn’t backing away. I have run my own stunt company for years, but had to make sure I didn’t fall off the ladder.

“I called out to her and she jumped up on my shoulder, so she must be fairly used to human contact.”
After posting online and on social media, the bird’s owner soon came forward.