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Stuck for tree days
16th July 2018

By Lloyd Lugsden

Charlie the cat returned home after a nine-day adventure.

His escapades included three days stranded up a 60ft tree. The cat was stuck in one tall tree but jumped to another trunk and clambered down before running away – only to climb another tree!

He was spotted by a local, who heard meowing from the branches of the tree in Wilmslow, Cheshire, and contacted the RSPCA. Animal collection officer Lauren Bradshaw arrived but it became clear that she’d need help from a tree surgeon, who managed to scale the tree – just as the cat panicked and jumped into a neighbouring tree.
 “Luckily this tree wasn’t anywhere near as high so I was able to use my ladders to reach him and used some food to coax him to me,” Lauren said.

“I got him in my van, scanned his microchip and they matched the nearby house whose cat was missing. I rushed back there to give them the good news and reunite Charlie.”