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Street cat Bob immortalised
16th November 2021

By Karen Pickwick

A statue has been unveiled in Islington Green, London, to celebrate the life and legacy of the world famous street cat, Bob.

The bronze statue of the inspirational feline was crowd-funded by supporters around the globe to share his story of hope.

The ginger cat became a star as the subject of the best-selling book and later two films, ‘A Street Cat Named Bob’, chronicling the heart-warming and true story of the stray who helped James Bowen rebuild his life after finding himself homeless and recovering from drug addiction.

James first met Bob in 2007, when he discovered the street cat injured and abandoned. He nursed him back to health and, with the help of pet charity Blue Cross providing regular health checks, they became inseparable. Bob the Cat died in June 2020 but he now lives on, immortalised as the life-size statue, created by sculptor Tanya Russell and positioned on a granite bench.

James with Mark Bossley, of Blue Cross. Photography: Phil Gammon