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Something to tie up a hair ball?
24th July 2019

By Robert Ellis

A cat has had emergency surgery after swallowing more than 50 hair bands.
One-year-old Pixel’s owners took her to Eastgate Veterinary Group’s practice in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, after she fell ill one evening.
An examination revealed Pixel had a sizeable obstruction in her stomach and during surgery, vets found a large ball of hair bobbles that were causing the blockage. 
Blossom Fox, Pixel’s owner, said the hair accessories belonged to her and her two daughters – three-year-old Felicity and one-year-old Bonnie.
“We couldn’t believe it when the vets told us they had removed 50 hair bands from her stomach,” she said.
“We have seen her with the bands before but assumed she left them once she’d finished playing with them as we’d often discover them under the sofa or fridge.”
Vet Hannah Pinnock, said: “We see all sorts of cases of pets eating things they shouldn’t, but it’s very unusual for a cat to swallow this number of foreign bodies. If you have a cat in the household it is worthwhile to keep items like ribbons, shoelaces or hair bands out of the way.”
Pixel has made a full recovery.