Something Natty In The Woodshop



Something natty in the woodshop!
8th February 2018

By Karen Pickwick
Bird feed specialist Johnston & Jeff is offering special deals on stands displaying its range of nest boxes for wild birds.
All the nest boxes are made and finished by hand in the company’s own woodshop in Yorkshire. They are all are designed to protect the nesting bird as much as possible – from both the elements and from predators.
They are CAD designed and precision engineered, using the latest high-tech measuring and cutting equipment. 
The wood is strong, smooth and long-lasting 12mm birch ply, which is usually used only for furniture and is from an abundant, fast-growing and sustainable source.
Colours are Forest Green, Teak, and Natural/Oil, all achieved by applying water-based and non-toxic wood stains, and all individual pieces of each box that are not stained are dipped, by hand, in wood oil, and then left to dry. Selected types have slate roofs, with the slate applied over a wood base for extra insulation.
The Yorkshire-based company produces a variety of boxes to suit different birds, from robins, wrens, pied wagtails and spotted flycatchers to sparrows and swifts.