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Something for the coldwater fans
10th September 2018

By Sandra Pearce

JBL has launched a new food for coldwater fish, ProPond Biotope, which caters to the dietary requirements of species other than goldfish and koi.

A spokesman said: “More and more pond owners are becoming passionate about coldwater fish, which they keep in their ponds with goldfish and koi. Sticklebacks, bitterlings, gudgeons, minnows, sunbleaks and other species, referred to as biotope fish, are in demand as never before!

“In order to nourish biotope fish, whose dietary needs differ from those of goldfish and koi, JBL has extended the ProPond range.”

JBL ProPond Biotope comprises 1.5mm pellets with a  protein:fat ratio of 4:1, which can be offered to pond fish at water temperatures of 10-30 deg Celsius.