Something Fishy Going On


Weird and Wonderful

Something fishy going on
27th June 2018

By Lloyd Lugsden

A woman had a shock when a live fish appeared in her kitchen.

The goldfish was mysteriously found alive and well on the kitchen floor. Bex Cox, who found the fish, had her suspicions and they pointed towards her pet cat, Thor. The feline was found sitting next to the fish and Bex suspected he might have pinched it from a nearby pond.

Fred the fish was scooped up and placed in temporary accommodation – a saucepan. Bex is appealing for anyone who may have lost a goldfish in Easton, Bristol, to get in touch with her, as she is keen to return Fred to his home – away from Thor!

In the meantime, Fred has been transferred from the saucepan to a friend’s fish tank.

According to the Metro, Bex thinks Thor was trying to save the fish from the cold snap, as it was carried safely in his mouth through several gardens.