So Long Soya



So long soya!
12th May 2017

By Karen Pickwick

The Smallholder Range has replaced the non-GM soya in its Natural Free Range Layers feeds with field beans to produce the Non-GM Soya Free Layers Feed.

“With many pet food retailers now stocking products for smallholders, too, Natural Free Range Layers feeds are a great choice as they are premium complete feeds that are nutritionally balanced,” an Allen & Page spokesman said.

Historically, soya has been heavily used in poultry feed as an important source of protein, but many consumers are increasingly concerned about the miles soya travels in order to be included in feeds.

“The majority of the world’s soya crop is genetically modified (GM) and with supplies of non-GM soya dwindling, the risk of contamination is increasing. Replacing soya with carefully-prepared and cooked field beans not only supports British farmers but it also reduces food miles, wherever possible.”