Snug As A Pug On A Rug


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Snug as a pug on a rug
25th February 2018

By Lloyd Lugsden

A dog that was rescued from a puppy farm is enjoying life in her new home.

The three-year-old pug and a crossbreed called Patsy were taken in by the RSPCA in Bolton at the end of 2016 – and Christmas 2017 was very different, with a new home and loving family in Poulton, Lancashire.

New owner Nicola Mustow said: “Phoebe has settled in really well in her new home, it’s like she has always been here.

“She loves her walks and she gets at least two a day, and our rabbit Blossom is her new best friend. They love chasing each other around the garden, so much so that Phoebe fell into the pond! But it’s okay because she’s a really good swimmer – or so we found out.”
Phoebe’s friend, Patsy, has also been rehomed.

Madeleine, 13, and Chloe, 11, with their new family member, Phoebe