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Snake, rattle and roll
9th October 2018

By Lloyd Lugsden

An engineer made a surprise discovery while making a repair.

The shop worker at Correct Service, in Carlton, near Nottingham, found a four-foot snake inside a speaker that had been brought in for repair. The reptile was dead and had gone missing two months earlier.
Sophie Lee was opening up the speakers when she saw the royal python, called Slithy, according to the Nottingham Post.

She said: “I screamed the place down when I saw it.

“I thought it was alive and I ran into the office screaming and shouting. I was absolutely hysterical and then the whole office was going crazy.”

The snake was confirmed dead by a vet once the owners had picked it up from the shop. Brian Thompson brought the speakers in for repair after they ‘crackled and banged’ and was surprised when he heard why they were broken.

He told the paper: “I thought it was an electrical fault so I took them in for repair, not really thinking much more of it, but when I got a call from the shop saying, ‘Have you lost a snake?’ it all made sense.
“It was my son’s snake and he is terribly upset.

“We left the cage open about eight weeks ago as you are supposed to do sometimes and when we came back to it, the snake had completely vanished.”

Brian’s son, Alasdair, said: “I am glad he has been found. If you lose a snake you should check your speakers from now on.”