News Smart Device Helps To Keep Cats Watered



Smart device helps to keep cats watered
26th March 2021

By Justine Thompson

Pet technology specialist Sure Petcare has launched a unique water delivery and drinking monitoring system for cats called Felaqua Connect.

The smart device, designed in collaboration with leading veterinary behaviourists, allows cat owners to keep track of their pets’ daily water intake via a special Sure Petcare app.

Each cat is registered to Felaqua Connect via their microchip, with the system providing reports on the pet’s overall drinking patterns on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. With this information, owners can easily detect any changes in their cat’s drinking patterns.


The Sure Petcare app also sends reminder notifications to fill the reservoir of Felaqua Connect when the water is low, and water freshness reminders to encourage cleaning of the device.

The product has several cat-friendly features, including a wide, shallow bowl that mimics a natural puddle and presents water in a way that is more appealing and easier to drink than from a conventional bowl.

Leading veterinary behaviourists Dr Jon Bowen and Dr Jaume Fatjó were involved in the design and development of Felaqua Connect.

Dr Bowen said: “Felaqua Connect provides a window into your cat’s health and reaffirms the importance of hydration as a health indicator. A change in water consumption is the most concerning health indicator in middle-aged and senior cats.

“Fluctuations in intake can be a sign of illnesses such as diabetes or kidney disease, and the sooner we intervene the better the outcome. Proper hydration is essential to maintain a cat’s health.

“A device like Felaqua Connect tells you if your cat is drinking more or less than usual. It’s this insight that is invaluable and provides peace of mind that they are drinking regularly.”