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Size does matter!
30th April 2019

By Sandra Pearce

NT Labs has introduced new sizes of it Tap Water Safe and Filter Starter products.

Launched in 2011, the Aquarium range has grown into an award-winning range of medicines and water treatments for coldwater and tropical aquariums.

A spokesman said: “These two products are essential for every water change. Tap Water Safe removes chlorine, other halogens and heavy metals, which are found in tap water and are harmful to fish, while Filter Starter is a live culture of friendly bacteria for filters. These healthy bacteria allow fish to thrive in perfectly conditioned aquariums.”

The products are now available in smaller 20ml sachet sizes (each sachet treats 100 litres, RRP £1.99), and a larger 250ml size.

Algae Gone is also upsizing to the 250ml configuration. The spokesman added: “This single-dose, plant-friendly treatment clarifies the water in aquariums. It works by clumping the minute particles of algae together, enabling filters to strain them out.”
The 250ml packs treat 1,250 litres (275 gallons), RRP £10.99.