Simpsons Premium Launches Grain Free Dry Cat Food



Simpsons Premium launches grain-free dry cat food
13th August 2015

By Karen Pickwick

Simpsons Premium has launched a new grain-free dry cat food with 90% Chicken, Fish and Turkey ingredients.

Managing director Lisa Simpson said: “As far as we are aware we are the first company in the UK and Europe to bring a dry cat food to the market with such a high meat content.

“As cats are obligatory carnivores, meaning they need meat in their diets to survive, we felt the need to bring out a product that matched their natural diet. We have added to the diets taurine and L-carnitine, for cardiovascular health, and cranberries to help promote a healthy urinary tract.”

The diet is a complete food for cats but will also go with the Simpsons Premium grain free wet food range.

The products are available in 300g and 1.5kg bags and RRPs start at £3.49 RRP with ‘a good mark-up’ for the retailer. They are available with introductory offers from Vital Wholesale.