Shoe D Have Gone To Specsavers


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Shoe-d have gone to Specsavers
8th May 2018

By Lloyd Lugsden

An elderly woman had a problem under her wardrobe.

A concerned RSPCA inspector rushed out to a woman’s home in Bishop’s Cleeve, Gloucestershire, apparently concerned for a cat stuck under the large piece of furniture.

Inspector Jack Alderson said: “We were contacted by a lady who was worried a cat had got into her home through an open door and then got stuck under her wardrobe.

“She couldn’t free the cat or lift the wardrobe so I went to help as quickly as possible.

“To my surprise, when I arrived, I found the feline was actually a pair of slippers!

“She was genuinely concerned and had put three bowls of different foods down to try to tempt the puss out. I’m glad we were able to help and put her mind at rest.”