Shire Supports Welfare Charity



Shire supports welfare charity
12th April 2018

By Karen Pickwick
The Animal Welfare Foundation has thanked Shire Insurance Services for a donation of almost £1,000, which will help support AWF continue in its mission to improve animal welfare through science, education and debate. 
Keith Dickinson at Shire – a specialist veterinary Insurance, finance and employee benefits provider – said: “Shire recently held a corporate day which included representatives from Hambleton Equine, Cotts Farm Equine and Lambert Leonard & May. Money generated as a result of the day came to £660, Shire then added a further 50% bringing the total to £990, which we all agreed to donate to the Animal Welfare Foundation.”
AWF is a vet-led charity set up in 1983 to improve animal welfare through funding research, supporting veterinary education, providing pet care advice and encouraging debate on animal welfare issues.