Sheep Has A Baaaaaaaa D Habit And Gets Hooked On Cigarettes


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Sheep has a baaaaaaaa-d habit and gets hooked on cigarettes
27th June 2018

By Lloyd Lugsden

A sheep has picked up an unusual habit.

It is addicted to cigarettes and has been going to great lengths to get hold of them. The sheep has been spotted outside tea shops and markets in Mandya, India, where it tried to take cigarettes from people. The sheep has even neglected its usual diet of veg for tobacco. If it can’t get its usual hit of a cigarette, it has been known to snack on ‘beedies’ – hand-rolled cigarettes made from unprocessed tobacco and wrapped in leaves. It also likes chewing tobacco, reported the Mirror.

But experts say ingesting nicotine can have a devastating impact on animals, potentially causing excessive salivation, excitement, tremors, vomiting, lack of co-ordination, weakness, convulsions, respiratory failure and even death.