News Senior Canines Fill Empty Nests



Senior canines fill ‘empty nests’
25th June 2019

By Robert Ellis

Lily's Kitchen founder Henrietta Morrison with her border terrier, Lily

Fourteen per cent of over-55s spend more than 51 hours alone each week, according to new research.

Natural pet food company Lily’s Kitchen – which commissioned the study to coincide with the 16th birthday of Lily, the border terrier behind the brand – is partnering with charity The Mayhew Animal Home to raise awareness of the benefits that adopting an older dog can have on over-55s across the country.

According to the research, having a dog helped ‘empty nesters’ fill the void of not having their children at home any more and also ensured their mental health did not suffer as a result (54%); a further 25% said they helped keep ‘loneliness levels at a minimum’.

Tanya Madden, Mayhew’s deputy head of animal welfare, said: “Many people automatically think of a puppy or young dog when they think of adopting a dog, but older dogs are calmer, more relaxed, more independent and often trained, providing that loyal and uplifting companion over-55s may be looking for.

“Rehoming an adult or senior dog can be immensely gratifying while providing a second chance to a deserving pet to become part of a loving household.”