News Ruffwear Predicts Scorching Sales



Ruffwear predicts scorching sales
10th July 2019

By Robert Ellis

Dog gear brand Ruffwear is anticipating a boost in demand for its cooling gear this summer as temperatures soar.

Rob Hughes, managing director of Accapi, which distributes Ruffwear, said: “Our cooling jackets, the Swamp Cooler, our original cooling vest, and Jet Stream Cooling Vest, use the process of evaporative cooling as a fast and effective way of keeping your dog cool…

“To activate all the owner needs to do is soak the jackets in water, wring out, zip up and go.

“Dogs also need water, and lots of it, especially in the hot weather so we encourage all dog owners to take a bowl with them everywhere they go. Accessories like the Ruffwear Quencher Clinch Top or Trail Runner Bowl can make it easy to ensure your dog is getting a good, regular drink.”