News Retired Shopkeeper Opens New Business



Retired’ shopkeeper opens new business
7th October 2019

By Karen Pickwick

The owner of a new Cornish pet shop was delighted when its official opening was attended by a pair of local celebrities – of the canine kind.

On the tail of their owners winning Packet Dog Friendly Pub of the Year, the Halzephron Inn hounds Brewster and Diego were guests of honour at the launch of Petz of Mullion.

According to a report in the Packet, pub landlady Claire Murray took her red setters to have the first nose round the store, in Churchtown, which used to be a hairdessers.

The new pet store has been opened by Grant Wheeler, who ran a bookshop next door until January this year.

He told the Packet: “I thought I would retire, but got bored. People have always asked me, ‘What do you think would work in Mullion as a shop?’ and I've always said a pet shop, because there are loads of people with dogs in Mullion and it’s quite a trek to Helston.


“I thought I would put my money where my mouth was and give it a go.”

Grant said he took inspiration from his friend Mandy, who owns a pet shop in nearby Wadebridge and encouraged him to set up the business.

He is specialising in natural products for all types of pets, selling organic raw and dried food that he says are ‘not full of chemicals’ and were bulked out with vegetables rather than rice or potatoes, which many animals were becoming allergic to.

This ethos is reflected in the shop’s decor, where shelving is made from apple crates rather than plastic. Grant said he was pleased with the response from customers, adding: “It's gone really well so far – certainly as well as I could have hoped, probably a bit better.”