Retailer Warned To Stop Feeding Gulls



Retailer warned to stop feeding gulls
11th May 2018

By Sandra Pearce
A retailer has been warned she could be fined or end up in court if she continues to feed the gulls that flock outside her pet shop.
Jeannie and Stephen Hanna have run Antrim Pets, in Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland, for 30 years and are known for giving away ‘freebies’ to wild birds which include sea gulls, reports the Antrim Guardian.
But now Antrim and Newtownabbey Council has said that the Hannas can no longer feed the birds. And if they do, they can expect a fine of £60 or could even be taken to court.
Jeannie said she was flabbergasted by the demand. She said: “I couldn’t believe my ears. We are always being told to feed the birds in the cold weather but here I was being accused of littering.”
One of the Hanna’s customers wrote on the shop’s Facebook page: “It's not like you feed them in the middle of a busy car park, I’ve seen Jeannie feed them and it’s at the end of the day when no-one is about for it to be a ‘nuisance’ or a danger. Either they have spotted that themselves or someone has reported it.”
Jeannie added: “I miss feeding them and I’m sure they miss it too. But I don’t want to end up in court. The council made it clear they are not messing around.”