Retailer Vows To Keep Going



Retailer vows to keep going
30th January 2018

By Sandra Pearce
A Scottish aquatics shop owner has told how yobs poisoned a tank of marine fish in his shop worth more than £2,000.
Kris Rennie, who runs Discovery Aquatics in Dundee told The Courier how his business has suffered a number of setbacks including the poisoning.
He said that crime in the area was putting off customers and that waterworks in the area had led to a ‘an almost 50% drop in trade’ over the course of a week.
The Courier had revealed that Dundee has one of the poorest business survival rates in Scotland, with more than 60% shutting up shop before their fifth anniversary. Kris said he would battle on despite the difficulties.
He said: “We have grown and had great success over the last seven years, but it always seems an uphill battle. 
“Someone came into our shop, while we were open, and dropped some kind of substance inside a tank of fish. I noticed the fish just weren’t right. They were swimming funny and within half an hour were close to death. Out of the six, which had a combined retail value of £2,500, only two survived.
 “But it’s not just about the money – it is such a cruel and mindless act. I’ve no idea why someone would do that, perhaps it’s some sort of vendetta.”
He was not able to identify the culprit as his CCTV was not aimed at that tank.
Kris also said he has lost about £8,000 worth of trade in November due to waterworks ‘making access difficult’ for customers.
He said: “I can’t recoup the losses but I’m glad that the work has been finished ahead of schedule.”
A Scottish Water spokesman said: “The work being carried out is part of Scottish Water’s £5m upgrade of the water network across Dundee.
“Local access for vehicles has been maintained throughout the work and Business Open As Usual signs are also in place in the area.”