Retailer Makes A Splash On Ebay



Retailer makes a splash on eBay
13th June 2018

By Sandra Pearce
An aquatics retailer has made it on eBay’s millionaire list for achieving a million-pound turnover. 
The online marketplace last month said it has more than 1,000 UK entrepreneurs who make a six-figure annual turnover by selling their goods through auction site.
Peter Amos started Aquacadabra in London in 1992, before expanding to selling aquatics accessories on eBay in 2003. 
From a corner shop with just five employees, he has expanded his business to 8,000sq ft warehouse, which includes a bricks-and-mortar store with 22 staff members, reports the Sun.
According to the dad-of-four, eBay makes it easier to find customers without forking out a huge amount of money on a website and the marketing he would need to put behind that.
He said: “When shopping online, a lot of people tend to go to certain marketplaces. So unless you’re spending a lot of money on being ranked highly on Google, people are more likely to find your products on eBay.
“It also allows us to stock a huge selection of products. We have around 5,000 to 6,000 listings.”
Peter also attributes his growing turnover to reliable suppliers and to his team. He said: “Many of the people working here have been with the company a long time, like Simon who first came on work experience about 24 years ago and is now my general manager.”
Peter has kept fish since he was nine years old and went on to have a fish house of around 40 tanks, breeding and showing fish. “When I left school at 16, I immediately went and worked for Roman Tropicals, a very well-known fish shop in the UK at time.”
And that’s one of the reason why Peter has no plans of becoming an online-only business: “I want customers to feel like they’re actually coming to an aquarium store when visiting Aquacadabra, I want them to be able to look around at the equipment and buy some fish.”