News Retailer Expands Lifestage Range



Retailer expands Lifestage range
11th October 2021

By Karen Pickwick

Retail chain Jollye’s has unveiled details of the relaunch and expansion of its Lifestage dog food range in recipes such as salmon and trout with asparagus and turkey with sweet potato and cranberry.

The range of wet and dry food has up to 50% meat content and includes extensive grain-free options to satisfy owners’ increasing awareness of their pets’ dietary needs when it comes to grain intolerance or sensitivity.

And Jollye’s says Lifestage has been designed to help dogs keep in shape after a study showed that pets had piled on the pounds during the pandemic.

Alongside the launch, every store will also have its own ‘pooch paunch patrol’ – trained advisers who can provide nutritional advice on the best diet for dogs and tips to keep doggy weight at healthy levels.

Every store also has dog-friendly scales so pets can be weighed accurately and consistently.

Lifestage has been developed by Jollyes and key UK suppliers to offer a ‘home cooked experience’, in a nod to the trend for pet humanisation that sees dogs increasingly treated as members of the family. All are vet approved and have gone through extensive taste testing.

The Lifestage dried and wet food and treats have been prepared with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives for dogs of all sizes and at all life stages, from puppies to seniors.