News Retailer Does His Bit To Keep Britain Tidy



Retailer does his bit to keep Britain tidy
14th March 2019

By Karen Pickwick

A pet shop is offering dog walkers free, recyclable poo bags after a growing number of complaints on social media about dog fouling in his town.

Adam Barlow, who runs The Animal Garden, in Darwen, Lancashire, with his partner, Rebecca Hodkinson, says he sees dozens of dogs passing his pet shop on walks through the cemetery and wants to help keep the area clean.

Adam, 40, told the Lancashire Telegraph: “We’ve placed a basket of around 200 big recyclable poo bags in a basket just inside our front door.

“We see dozens of dogs on walks past our shop and through the cemetery and we want it to continue so, just in case anyone’s pooch gets caught short or owners have left home without a bag, we’re offering these for free until they are all gone.


“I think people sometimes genuinely forget to take poo bags out with them, so if we can do this and the problem of dog fouling starts waning, then we know we've helped to tackle the issue.”

According top the Telegraph, Adam has also contacted local councillors and the Friends of Darwen Cemetery group to discuss the installation of a poo bin outside the main entrance to the cemetery.

He said: “Darwen is such a close knit community and we love looking after the people in our area, so by sticking together and offering this free service, it will hopefully help people remember to clean up after their dogs, even if only a few people take advantage, it will have helped in some way."