Retailer Appeals For Return Of Hedgehog



Retailer appeals for return of hedgehog
11th August 2017

By Sandra Pearce

A retailer has pleaded with a thief to ‘be brave’ and return a stolen hedgehog.

Pinto, an African pygmy hedgehog, was taken from Waterworld Aquatic Centre in Aberdeen.

The thief removed the roof of the cage to take the hedgehog out and walked out of the store.

The pet, which is worth £180, was waiting to be picked up by a new owner.

Katie Kutkowska, manager at the shop, told the Aberdeen Evening Telegraph: “I can’t believe someone did such a horrible thing. We haven’t notified the police about it because there’s not a lot of them to go on.”

She added: “It worries me because these animals need to be kept at a certain temperature and they need a specific diet. You can’t just keep them in a shoe box.

“We’ve been here for 21 years and nothing like this has happened before.
“I’m just hoping they (the thief) will be brave, fix what they did and come back with the hedgehog.”