Retail Chain Introduces Pet Ernity Leave



Retail chain introduces pet-ernity leave
17th March 2017

By Karen Pickwick

Pets at Home is set to introduce a new scheme – Pet-ernity Leave – for its 8,200 staff next month.

The new scheme will mean workers will be allowed one paid day off per year when they welcome a new dog, cat or horse into their family.

The scheme is being launched in April as part of a new range of flexible benefits, called ‘For all the times we share’ that help colleagues balance their work and home life, by giving paid time off to better manage some of life’s milestones.

Pet-ernity Leave is just one of a number of schemes being offered. This is in addition to the existing benefits of having a birthday day off, an extra week’s holiday when getting married and a charity day each year.

Chief executive of The Pets at Home Group Ian Kellett said: “We want to help and support key events in a colleague’s life. We are also launching a ‘flying the nest day’ when a child leaves home, a ‘new roost day’ when you move home and a day’s holiday on your birthday.

“We know that if you have a new dog, cat or horse it can be quite stressful and to help with the settling in process that comes with welcoming a new pet into any family, we want to grant one day’s paid holiday to help support them. It fits into our ethos – we recognise the importance of pets.”

At Pets at Home, 95% of staff own a pet and pets that are welcomed to the Handforth headquarters on a daily basis, where pets of all shapes and sizes join their owners at work.

In fact, more than 50 dogs are in the office at any one time, from a Bernese mountain dog to a German shepherd and red toy poodle, well behaved dogs of all different breeds and sizes are just part of a normal working day.