Rescued Puss A Real Crowd Pleaser


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Rescued puss a real crowd-pleaser
13th July 2017

By Karen Pickwick

A cat trapped in a shipping container had to be rescued by the RSPCA and firefighters after his paw was spotted ‘waving for help’.

Tiggers’ worried family went out to search the neighbourhood in Manchester when the nine-month-old cat didn’t come home. When they spotted his paw poking out of the locked shipping container, they called the RSPCA to help.

Inspector Nichola Waterworth arrived along with the firefighters.
She said: “The shipping container in the car park had been left open while builders were working on the housing estate and then locked it back up when they left on Friday. They didn’t realise poor Tiggers was locked inside.  Thankfully his family spotted his little paw poking out – it was like he was waving for help.
“We were unable to get hold of the subcontractors responsible for the shipping container so we had to call the fire brigade to break inside.”

Firefighters carefully broke the lock with specialist equipment to gain access to the container and free Tiggers.

“We reunited him with his relieved owners as a crowd watched,” Nichola continued.
“The family were so excited to have their cat back. It’s nice to be able to reunite a cat with its owner.”