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Rescue dog has an ice life
23rd January 2019

By Robert Ellis

A labrador that was saved from euthanasia now spends his days ice-skating!

Benny, five, was rescued from death row at an animal shelter by his owner, Cheryl Del Sangro, of Las Vegas, Nevada, a former skating coach.

She decided to take Benny onto the ice with her at the suggestion of a friend and has since taken him training once every two weeks at the Las Vegas Ice Centre.

Cheryl said: “He’s the happiest dog and he loves learning new tricks.

“Now, you can’t keep him off the ice. He just keeps getting better and better…He knows how to turn now and do crossovers and he can do little bunny hops with his front feet.”

She also made Benny a special pair of ice boots for his front paws – he uses his back feet to grip.

Videos online show the dog whizzing around the ice and one clip on Facebook has racked up 30,000 views.

Cheryl plans to get Benny a part performing for the Vegas Golden Knights NHL team as on-ice entertainment, the Daily Mirror reported.