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Reptile groups reassure hobbyists
20th March 2020

By Karen Pickwick

Reptile trade and hobby organisations are working together to ensure that animal welfare is not compromised in the growing coronavirus crisis.

“With the current situation seemingly worsening we would like to reassure everybody that REPTA [Reptile Trade Association], the FBH [Federation of British Herpetologists] and the NCRW [National Centre for Reptile Welfare] will be working together to ensure that nobody should have to compromise animal welfare, regardless of their health or circumstances,” a spokesman said.

The group’s priorities are:
* To try to ensure everybody has access to food and equipment for their animals 
* To try to support keepers who are vulnerable, such as the elderly or those with underlying health issues 
* To try to address veterinary issues arising from the current crisis. 


“REPTA wholesalers have no issues with stocks of equipment and food items and the supply network is currently coping well with demand. Remember, panic-buying or stockpiling will not help the situation and could lead to shortages if not kept under control!”

“Many shops already have contingency planning for delivery to customers who cannot get out, but it is possible they may get overwhelmed and, in this event, the members of FBH-affiliated clubs will be happy to support their local suppliers, so nobody need worry about supplies for their animals. 

“Supporting keepers who are vulnerable, elderly or have health issues is likely to be more challenging, but please be assured that a robust support network is in place. A large number of reptile club members have already joined our voluntary register willing to do home visits, clean out and feed animals and generally offer support to anyone struggling to cope due to health issues. 


“If you are hospitalised, or can no longer care for your animals, the NCRW will do our best to offer temporary boarding and will endeavour to collect animals from you if you are unable to travel. 

“We are currently working with the veterinary profession to support owners who have animals with health issues. Obviously, some people will find themselves unable to access normal veterinary care and we can try support to anyone in this unfortunate position.” 

If you need assistance with any of these issues, the three organisations have set up an emergency contact number for anybody with concerns regarding the welfare of their animals. Telephone 02380 440999 or email 

You can also visit the NCRW Facebook page for further information or website: