Ranchos Join Fast Growing Meaty Treats Market



Ranchos join fast-growing meaty treats market
4th January 2018

By Karen Pickwick

Mars Petcare has introduced Pedigree Ranchos Original Treats, a new dog treat that sees Pedigree enter the fast-growing ‘meaty’ sub-segment (jerky or dried meat style treats).

Ranchos are 95% meat and animal derivatives with no artificial colours or flavours and are available in beef, lamb and chicken at an RRP of £2.50 for a pack of 70g
Arthur Renault, senior Pedigree UK brand manager, said: “Every year, 9 out of 10 dog owners buy treats to bond with and reward their dog, generating more than £370m. With decades of experience, Pedigree represents 26% of dog Care & Treats value sales. To grow the category we need to convert more shoppers to buyers or give existing shoppers new reasons to buy more.

“We know that dogs naturally love meat and Pedigree Ranchos are designed for dogs to enjoy. Additionally, our expansion into the high-meat segment through the launch of Pedigree Ranchos will drive premiumisation and boost the price per kg for dog treats.”

Pedigree Ranchos Original Treats are available to order in all channels from this month.

Roberto De Felice, strategic demand director Mars Petcare UK, offers the following merchandising tips for retailers to maximise the growth opportunity offered by treats:
1.    Make sure you give space on top of Pedigree Positive Treats’ existing range by expanding the space given to dog care and treats

2.    Site in the centre of the aisle (between wet and dry) next to super premium main meal offerings to attract maximum footfall and appeal to those who already spend most on their dogs. Pedigree Ranchos Original Treats should be situated between high meat and occupational treats

3.    Engage shoppers to drive impulse purchase through secondary siting such as clip strips, off aisle feature,