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Rabbit entertainer causes concern
14th August 2019

By Robert Ellis
The RSPCA was called out to reports of a tiger kept in someone’s back garden – but it turned out to be a stuffed toy in a cage.
Marije Zwager received a call from a distressed neighbour, who thought they saw a big cat kept in a tiny cage.
She went to the property in Silverton, Devon, but soon realised the tiger was just a cuddly toy.
Marije said: “I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but soon realised that it wasn’t a tiger at all, it was just a soft toy. The owner could really see the fun side, too.”
The stuffed tiger belonged to the owner’s children, who had christened him Tiddles and bought him to keep their two rabbits, Horace and Boris, entertained, reported the Daily Mail.