News Puppy Kevin Boxes Clever



Puppy Kevin boxes clever
12th March 2019

By Robert Ellis

A boxer was crowned Eukanuba Pup of the Year 2019 at Crufts.

Eleven-month-old Lanfrese Argento, also known as Kevin, was one of 20 qualifiers alongside six working breeds, three gundogs, two toy breeds and a single hound and pastoral dog.

Pup of the Year, sponsored by Eukanuba, gives Britain’s ‘most promising’ puppies a chance to shine on the stage.

Thousands of puppies, aged between 6-24 months, enter the competition, with qualifying heats held at championship shows across the UK.

Mike Bloxsome, influencer team leader at Eukanuba, said: “All of the qualifiers from this year’s final were outstanding and we are delighted to congratulate the winner Lanfrese Argento on earning the prestigious title of Pup of the Year.”