News Puppy Graduates Earn Top Barks



Puppy graduates earn top barks
7th September 2018

By Karen Pickwick

Raw pet food business Natures Menu is celebrating Puppy Awareness Week with hundreds of top dogs across the UK graduating from Puppy School.
The event is an initiative that aims to help puppy buyers be aware of how to find a responsible breeder and a healthy, happy puppy. To mark the week, Natures Menu has been rewarding top pups with treats, as well as offering advice to pet owners on responsible raw feeding and how to provide a complete and balanced diet as their pups grow up.
The young puppies and their owners have undertaken a comprehensive programme over the last six weeks learning all the obedience basics to give them a good foundation for life. A number of puppies across the UK have graduated including, Layla, the mati-poo, from Hertfordshire; Fred the cavachon, from Gloucester; and Rex the Labrador, from Kent.
Craig Taylor, managing director of Natures Menu, said: “Congratulations to all of the young puppies graduating from puppy schools across the UK this week. Welcoming a new puppy can be a busy and exciting time and with everything else you have to understand, finding the right diet for your new addition can be overwhelming. At Natures Menu, we like to keep it simple with a full range of raw and natural foods that are perfect for puppies and super gentle on little tums.

“With the help of our team of vets we have put together a feeding guide on weaning puppies onto a raw diet and through our sponsorship of Puppy School, we are working towards educating new puppy owners on the benefits of natural and raw feeding.”