Pup Let Love


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Pup-let love
5th July 2017

By Karen Pickwick

Molly, a Labrador retriever, has just welcomed a litter of puppies with two surprise additions…piglets!

Her owners, farmers Serena Spearey and Adam Szymborski, had to introduce the two little piggies to Molly’s family after their mum died during labour. They needed food and love, the farmers said, which Molly soon provided.

According to the Metro, they took to Molly and her litter straight away.
“The piglets treated the puppies as though they were other piglets and didn’t seem to notice there was any difference between the two species,’ Serena told the newspaper.

Molly and the piglets have now bonded and Molly has become the perfect loving foster mum. When they are big enough, they’ll be moved on to a woman who hand-rears pigs for children’s petting parties, and will then return to Molly at the farm.

Adam said: “It was lovely to see them all just snuggle together in one big pile when it was time to sleep.”